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We have free range girls who are fed a Non-GMO diet. We have a range of egg colors from the filling breeds: Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Brahma, Leghorn, Buckeye, Buff Orpington, Americaunas, Olive Eggers, and Easter Eggers. Colors range from dark brown, light brown, pink, blue, white, and sage green.

We are just proud owners of our small backyard chicken flock. We are not out to make a profit, just to continue to provide food for our girls.

We sell our eggs as follows:


$7.00/ 2 dozen

$10.00 / 3 dozen.

The more you purchase, the price goes down.

We are located in Mechanicsville, VA

We have also sold eggs for incubating. If you are interested, please let us know so that eggs can be set aside. We have an Americauna rooster who mostly mates with the Barred Rocks, Leghorb, and Americauna Hens. Our Rhode Island Red rooster mates with the Easter and Olive Eggers and Buckeyes.

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